EWC Pyro System – Pyrotechnics bird control at airports

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EWC Pyro

[vsc-section-title align=”right” title=”Effective and Safe“]Experts in bird control agree that pyrotechnics are the most effective method, and with EWC Pyro System, now is also safe.[/vsc-section-title]

EWC Pyro System :
EWC Pyro System is a Military Grade Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Pyrotechnics System wireless activated exclusive designed for bird control, with two maximum goals. Enhance the safety of the users, and to increase the effectivenes of the pyrotechnics

[vsc-text-icon icon_startuplyli=”icon icon-alerts-03″ icon=”icon-office-44″ title=”Anti Ammunition Sensors”]EWC Pyro have a property sensor to detect and block the system when using normal 12ga.[/vsc-text-icon]
[vsc-text-icon icon_startuplyli=”icon icon-badges-votes-09″ icon=” icon-shopping-18″ title=”ARM / Safe Mode”]Drive and patrol in SAFE Mode with the unit blocked. Arm the system to disperse[/vsc-text-icon]
[vsc-text-icon icon_startuplyli=”icon icon-arrows-39″ icon=”icon-seo-icons-27″ title=”No Habituation”]With Different Pyrotechnics + Multiple combinations you multiply effectiveness.[/vsc-text-icon]
[vsc-text-icon icon_startuplyli=”icon icon-sport-18″ icon=”icon-office-24″ title=”Heavy Duty “]Made in 6061 aluminum anodized, stainless steel. IP 64. Is 100% Waterproof[/vsc-text-icon]
[vsc-text-icon icon_startuplyli=”icon icon-graphic-design-08″ icon=”icon-graphic-design-13″ title=”Powerful Tool”]Rapid Response, with EWC Pyro you can disperse birds loafing, birds flying up to 300feets or more with our different charges.[/vsc-text-icon]
[vsc-text-icon icon_startuplyli=”icon icon-arrows-37″ icon=”icon-arrows-37″ title=”Noise Control Areas”]Set Unauthorized areas for the using of pyros. Noise control zones.[/vsc-text-icon]
[vsc-text-icon icon_startuplyli=”icon icon-seo-icons-26″ icon=”icon-badges-votes-14″ title=”Geolocalizate”]Track every use of the EWC Pyro System, measure effectiveness of each pyro with different species.[/vsc-text-icon]
[vsc-text-icon icon_startuplyli=”icon icon-badges-votes-16″ icon=”icon-badges-votes-16″ title=”No Maintenance”]Be Efficient, reducing cleaning, loading times of the equipment 90%. No primers, no maintenance[/vsc-text-icon]

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