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EWC Wildlife Control: New Bird Deterrent & Reporting Software

With the worldwide increase of air traffic,  automation of processes to gain work efficiency is an unavoidable solution to some problems that airports have to deal with. Today most airports are still continuing to do wildlife  logs and runway inspections manually point by point.
The official launch of the new version of our high end solution for airports EWC Wildlife Control  allow bird controllers to report wildlife activity faster, and more precisely.
Some of the futures of the system are:
  • Huge Bird Species Database with photos, mass, flock average size and behavior of the birds, 100% customizable
  • Customizable daily, monthly, annual reports with your airport/company logo.
  • Identify more useful tools and effectiveness with each species.
  • Birdstrike Report Form: Easy Report Birdstrikes from our app in a few step. You can continue updating the report later on our Web Admin Software, or take photos of the birdstrikes. (FAA Form 5200-7)
  • We understand the importance of reporting birdstrikes, so now is possible to submit the report to FAA immediately

Wildlife Management

  • Grass Management: Prioritize in the map different area that must be cut porpertly, grass maintenance reports.
  • Generate Wildlife Risk Assessment.
  • Chat 24/7 with wildlife specialists, helping you to improve your airport wildlife management.


  • Our patented system allows the connection of different deterrents and modules to the app, such as:
  • EWC Pyro System, Our Patented pyrotechnics launcher
  • Using Bioacoustics sounds from the app. A library of more than 50 high quality distress calls and predator sounds is included
  • Connecting stand devices as propane cannons to the tablet.


Now is possible to address wildlife activity in a intuitive way, saving time, and with an empowering tool to record wildlife and while keep operations safe.

Update: For a limited time only: try our product for free!

If you need to know more, or would like to get a free trial of the system  more info at



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