As expected, the 2019 North American Bird Strike Conference was a blast!

North American Bird Strike Conference

Once a year, experts gather to share, expand and get feedback on the wildlife hazard mitigation field, specifically birdstrikes. The 2019 event had attendees from FAA inspectors to anyone interested in mitigating wildlife strikes, and Eclipse Group of USA LLC have been there too.

The 2019 experience

This year event has proven that the conference gets better every year, and we must point out Gary Searing’s, Chair, Bird Strike Association of Canada hard work to accomplish this. Also, the selection of the city was wonderful. Halifax, Canada has been a grateful surprise and all the team enjoyed the charm of this amazing place.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A beautiful city for a nice conference

We had the chance to talk with Gary and totally agree with his words:

“The turnout for the NA birdstrike conference was amazing. I love not only the number but the diversity of delegates from all around North America and around the world from many many different sectors. The international session was excellent. I couldn’t have asked for more from all those participants that have come from abroad. “

Among all the people there, we must point out, in our opinion the most interesting booths:

  • Tomahawk: The Tomahawk Live Trap team provides the finest animal traps, cages, and animal handling equipment available.
  • HyperSpike: HyperSpike® products bring revolutionary sound quality and intelligibility to the industry. Bioacoustics sounds in combination with other methods, i.e. pyrotechnics, are useful at avoiding birdstrikes.
  • Robin Radar Systems: Radar tracking and classification of small objects.

The conference

The theme of the conference has by default become standardized data collection and we think that the numerous mentions to it and papers on it will end up being a very valuable resource for all participants.

“The sessions were excellent and I really appreciate the time and effort and thought that was clearly put into all of the presentations delivered” Juan de Abreu Rodriguez, CFO, Eclipse Wildlife Control.

At Eclipse Wildlife Control we truly believe that:

“A complete toolbox and well-trained professionals”

is where everyone at the industry should put effort and investment in order to manage effectively this issue.

North American Birdstrike Conference 2019

Have you been to the conference? Share your experience with us!


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