Wildlife Control Innovation

Since the beginning of this millennium, tools for Wildlife Control could not keep up with technology innovation: and that is our Commitment. Eclipse Wildlife Control integrates Safety, Effectiveness and Efficiency with state of the art products and services worldwide


Log Wildlife Activity, FOD and custom information about your airport in an easy to use interface

Integrate Toolbox

Connect EWC Pyro System, Propane Cannons, and all the toolbox to the app

Data Analysis

Dashboard to analyze data and determine any hazardous event threatening your own environment

What is EWC System ?

EWC System is a complete Wildlife Management Solution which allow airports to Get realiable data of fauna activity with with a easy to use clean Mobile Interface. Analize this data with a powerful Web solution. And Take action with the connection of Dispersion methods.

EWC Web dashboard
Airside Operations Software

EWC System Features

Upgrade your Wildlife Management with our comprehensive tools.

  • Real Time Patrol Data. Track miles, dispersions.
  • Pyrotechnics Usage. Get Automatic notifications of pyrotechnics usage
  • Connect, Schedule and Activate Propane Cannons to the Software. Remote activation
  • Connect Traps to the App. Remote Sense of Trapping.
  • Get Reliable Data meeting FA PART 139 , and OACI Airport Service Manual "Best Practice for Wildlife Management" requirements

EWC Dashboard

Now is possible to log wildlife activity, saving time, and with a powerfull software, and innovative tools.

EWC Wildlife Control Toolbox

All our products are Military Grade, Made in USA. And uses state of the art technology.

EWC Pyro System

First Patented Bird Control Pyrotechnics System for airports in the world

EWC Smart Traps

Forget checking traps everyday and save time with our camera system.

EWC Propane Cannon

Schedule , activate and handle your propane cannons

EWC Bioacustics

Predators Call. Bird distress calls

EWC Pyro System

Experts agrees that pyrotechnics are the most effective tool to deterr birds. And with EWC Pyro System now its Safe.

EWC Pyro System is a a patented Eclipse Product. The first Pyrotechnics System in the world exclusevely developed for bird control at airports. 

  • Made with built in security sensors that block the system when an operator is surrounding them.
  • Come with a patented sensor which prevents using live rounds or other rounds that are not pyrotechnics in our products, for safety purposes.
  • Can be safely fired at a safe distance without the need of handheld launchers.

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