Bird Control

Get Reliable Data of Fauna Activity with a Powerful Software. Analyze hazardous threats to prevent serious incidents and take action with state-of-the-art dispersion tools.

Data Collection

Get Reliable Data of Fauna Activity with an Easy to Use Clean Mobile Interface


Analyze data and Hazardous threat with our Powerful Web Interface

Deterrent Methods

Connect Different Deterrent Methods to the EWC TAB and Disperse Birds.


Collect Airfield Data with EWC TAB

Since the beginning of the millennium tools for Wildlife Control could not keep up with technology innovation: and that is our Commitment.

 Get reliable data of fauna activity with an easy-to-use clean Mobile Interface.  

Bird Species Library
Bird Species Library

100% Customizable. Allows user to log daily observations in an easy way

Live GPS Tracking
Live GPS Tracking

Track Patrols movement, actions, deterrents used in real-time.

Birdstrike Report
Birdstrike Report

Report Birdstrike Form in a few steps from the app.


EWC Wildlife Control Software - Dashboard

With our web-based system, you can have real-time data and events of wildlife officers. Analyze patterns of bird activity, generate automatically a risk matrix, export reports following ICAO regulations.

Dispersion Tools

EWC Bird Deterrents

A true specialist knows there is not a “silver bullet” in airport bird control. A complete toolbox and well-trained professionals are needed for a successful Wildlife Control Program. That’s why our system combines different state-of-the-art bird deterrents, and powerful software, to avoid bird habituation at airport settings.

Dispersion Tools

EWC Bird Deterrents - Pyro System

Experts in bird control agree that pyrotechnics are the most effective method, and with EWC Pyro System, now is also safe. EWC Pyro System is a Military Grade Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Pyrotechnics System wireless activated exclusive designed for bird control, with two maximum goals: Enhance the Safety of the users and to Increase the Effectiveness of the pyrotechnics.

No Wildlife Harm
No Wildlife Harm

Our Pyrotechnics produce visual and sound effects that don't harm birds.

GPS Usage Track
GPS Usage Track

Track GPS Usage of Each Dispersal

Very Effective
Very Effective

Highly Effective for Vultures and predators.

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Success Stories

Emilia Clarke
"Through my years, I’ve had exposure to a number of software and harassment solutions. I chose them for their dedication to customer support, the ease of use, and the effectiveness , better than any other tool I tested.
Norman Hegedus
Miami International Airport - Chief Environmental Office
Emilia Clarke
"Much simple, such ease, very wow"
Chris Moret
Dallas Airport - Wildlife Office
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