Wildlife strike prevention at airports

Eclipse Wildlife Control is the first smart pyrotechnics system exclusively designed for bird control and wildlife strike prevention at airports. Read on to learn more

Pyrotechnics for wildlife strike prevention at airports

Experts in bird control agree that pyrotechnics are the most effective method, and with EWC Pyro System, now is also safe. EWC Pyro System is a military-grade heavy-duty 12 gauge pyrotechnics system, wirelessly activated and exclusively designed for bird control, with two maximum goals: 1) Enhance the safety of the users and 2) increase the effectiveness of the pyrotechnics. This technological product allowed Eclipse to be recognized as one of the 100 most innovative startups of Latin America, North America & Europe.

A case study: Miami International Airport

Wildlife Officers from Miami International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United States provide sunlight to sunrise work mitigating birdstrike. With EWC System they improved their efficiency reducing birdstrike 30% a year from the implementation of the system. That way, they increased their security and got better at wildlife strike prevention at airports.

“Through my years, I’ve had exposure to a number of software and harassment solutions. I chose them for their dedication to customer support, the ease of use, and the effectiveness, better than any other tool I tested.”

Norman Hegedus, Section Chief- Airside Operations for GA Airports, Aircraft Noise and Environmental Planning – Miami INTL

Eclipse Wildlife Control Pyro System Features

  • Safety for ops: Keep operators at a safe distance from the ignition. Including security sensors and SAFE mode.
  • Effective: No wildlife habituation: Avoid habituation. Combine different pyrotechnics and combinations. Featuring short, medium, long-range, bangers & screamer loads.
  • Customize Control Areas: Set unauthorized areas for the using of pyros. i.e., noise control zones.
  • ARM / Safe MODE: Drive and patrol in SAFE Mode with the unit blocked.
  • Anti ammunition sensors: EWC Pyro have a property sensor to detect and block the system when using normal 12ga.
  • Geolocalization: Track every use of the EWC Pyro System, measure effectiveness of each pyro with different species.
  • Powerful Tool: Rapid Response, with EWC Pyro you can disperse birds loafing, birds flying up to 300feets or more with our different charges.

Want to see the system in action?

A day of operations with Eclipse Wildlife Control at Miami International Airport.


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